Environmental Policy

Tinkave – Finishes Ponte de Serves, Lda is clearly committed to the continuous improvement of its environmental performance, taking some effective measures to reduce environmental impacts in its entire manufacturing process through reuse, valorization and sustainable use of resources.
Aware that its industrial activity causes impacts on the environment, Tinkave assumes an active attitude of environmental and social sustainability, adopting a careful approach, in the preservation of the surrounding environment, through the prevention of pollution and the rational use of the necessary resources for the development of their activity.
Having said that, Tinkave has as its business philosophy:
• Minimize the production of waste and promote the recovery of waste, ensuring that it is sent to the appropriate destination;
• Promote practices for the rational and efficient use of natural resources and energy;
• Control energy and raw material consumption, in order to reduce waste;
• To sensitize employees to environmental awareness so that they adopt responsible environmental practices and practices;
• Minimize atmospheric emissions and wastewater discharges.
Tinkave has an increased concern with the environment, being present in our philosophy of work the methodology 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).